North Attleboro, Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse Organization started in Fall 2012; NA Big Red Lax. Girl's lacrosse and boy's lacrosse will be played at NAHS, 1 Wilson Whitty Way, North Attleboro, MA. North Big Red Lax is affiliated with MBYLL, MBGLL

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Player Equipment and Uniforms


Girls Equipment

  • Girls Stick (crosse)  *Note: Girls' sticks and boys' sticks are different.
  • Girls Lacrosse Eyewear/Goggles
  • Mouthpiece/Mouthguard - must be highly visible color.  Player's with braces can ask their orthodontist for a mouthguard.
  • Girls Lacrosse Gloves (optional)  *Note: Girls' lax gloves and boys' lax gloves are different.
  • Girls Protective Headband or Soft Headgear (optional)
  • Lacrosse Equipment Bag/Backpack (optional)

Boys Equipment

  • Boys Stick (crosse)  *Note: Boy's sticks and girls' sticks are different.
  • Lacrosse Helmet
  • Mouthpiece/Mouthguard - must be highly visible color.  Player's with braces can ask their orthodontist for a mouthguard.
  • Boys Lacrosse Gloves  *Note: Boys' lax gloves and girls' lax gloves are different.
  • Lacrosse Shoulder Pads (Effective 01/01/2022 must comply with ND200 Requirements)
  • Lacrosse Arm Pads
  • Protective Cup
  • Rib Pads (optional)
  • Lacrosse Equipment Bag/Backpack (optional)

​New or used equipment can be purchased online or at local sports equipment stores.  Check our Equipment Exchange too.
Here are some local Lax stores:

Monkey Sports in Norwood

Mannys Sports in Cumberland


Hello lacrosse families,

Please take a moment to review the following information regarding uniform and apparel ordering as there are specific instructions based on different scenarios. I encourage all to have your son/daughter locate and try on their uniform from Spring 2021 (if applicable) and choose from the following options.


Are you a:

 New player to the program (no prior uniform orders)

 Returning player who has a uniform from Spring 2020 that still fits

 Returning player who has a uniform from Spring 2020 that no longer fits

 Fan who wants to order spirit wear, apparel or items from our program’s store

New players to the program

Welcome! If you child is new to NA Big Red Lax (NABRL) you may order a uniform package by following this link:

Please be sure you have received approval by the Equipment and Apparel Director for the number choice requested when registering your child(ren). Items are custom made and no returns/exchanges are allowed if the wrong number is provided to the vendor.

Returning players who have a uniform (and it still fits)

You are one of the lucky ones… You do not need to do anything more. So long as your son/daughter’s uniform from the Spring 2021 season still fits you are all set!

Returning players who received a uniform previously (and it no longer fits)

Ugh - right? If you ordered a uniform and you child has grown like a weed, slimmed down or filled out, you may need to order a new jersey, shorts or both. If that is the case, please order replacement items by using this link:

Please be certain you provide the correct approved uniform number when placing you order. Items are custom made and no returns/exchanges are allowed if the wrong number is provided to the vendor.


I want to order apparel or items from the team store

Interested in ordering spirit wear or apparel to support your son/daughter and the program? We have a wide range of items for all ages; youth, teens, adults, parents, grandparents including (but not limited to) shirts, sweats, shorts, jackets, hats, blankets, equipment bags, scarfs, and more. Have certain items customized with your favorite player’s number or name. There are many options and we would love to hear if there is something “missing” that we may be able to add to the collection.

Shop now to have it in time for the season


Uniform Ordering Instructions

Uniform Ordering FAQ

APPROVED Uniform Jersey Numbers

*** Updated for Registrations through 02/15/2022 6:40am ***

Please be sure to locate you Child(ren)'s name for their assigned number. Only "new" players need to request a number, returning playerd already assigned a number will keep that number until they age out of the program. If there is a #N/A for the jersey number then that means your number request(s) were already selected by another player or you requested a number outside of the range per grade level.  Please review the available numbers and email the Equipment and Apparel Director.  If blank please reach out with questions.  


Boys Approved Jersey Number Assignments: Click here

Girls Approved Jersey Number Assignments: Click here


AVAILABLE Uniform Jersey Numbers

*** Updated for Registrations through 02/15/2022 6:40am ***


Boys Available Jersey NumbersClick here 

Girls Available Jersey Numbers: Click here 


Need equipment or have equipment to sell or give away? Check out our Equipment Exchange.

The US Lacrosse website provides an Equipment page with more information about equipment and safety.


North Attleboro Youth Lacrosse Program - NA Big Red Lax, North Attleboro, Massachusetts 2012-2013